ARETHE 2017 in Paris

You may see my article on the official booklet of ARETHE 2017, celebrating the festival of contemporary art and Japanese tea ceremony in Paris, hosted by MIZEN Gallery, France. Here is the message from the host gallery. Hopefully meet you there next year!!

“ARETHE is a festival that provides the rare chance to enjoy contemporary art by way of the classic tea ceremony. This isn’t something that happens every day, because many people perform the tea ritual in a certain specific fashion. This is a more avant-garde style that presents an artistic side of the tea ceremony.

What the Festival ARETHE aims to do is allow the public to either rediscover the tea ceremony or discover this ritual for the first time. The original chanoyu ritual dates from centuries in Japan. We aim to provide the
public with the same sort of serenity that a Japanese preparation of the chanoyu ritual would have provided between September 11 to November 11.”